isdnserver starts with root privileges, after it has opened the isdn devices it will change to the user daemon (make sure you have this user on your machine).

If you want to make isdnserver's services available to your local network (isdnserver --netmode) , make sure that the network is secured, block the isdnserver's port to the outside world. This is crucial, if not some malicious hacker could gain access to your phone call list. Even if isdnserver cross checks the IP number of the client with your "clients allow" list, and rejects any client that is not on that list, you should block the port

Running isdnserver in "local mode" is the default and should be used if you don't have a network. In this case you don't have to worry about ports, iptables or firewalls for securing isdnserver, since it won't open any ports. The data data will be transferred to the client through a "local socket".
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