Voice box installation and configuration
As of version 0.7 isdnserver provides voice box (answering machine) functionality.

In the config file, make sure that you have the <voice box> group correctly configured. The <spool dir> group must referencence an existing directory that is accessible by isdnserver, that means that the user or group "daemon" have to have full access to it.

In the directory referenced by the <spool dir> tag you will have to create the incoming and the messages directories with the same rights mentioned before.

The incoming directory will hold the voice messages and the messages directory will hold your greeting message.

The audio formats for the greeting messages are mu-law and vbox. The incoming messages will be saved as mu-law. If you have an existing vbox directory, just reference it in the <spool dir> tag and change its access rights as described in the first paragraph.

Commands to retrieve, delete and list voice messages are implemented:
list	voice messages		= lists all voice messages that are in your assigned voicebox
delete	voice message 	<name> 	= will delete the voice message with the given name
get	voice message	<name>	= will send the audio data to the data IO port, if not
				  available it will output an error message

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