Troubleshooting FAQ
Please, first check if you meet all requirements, then carefully read the installation and manual installation instructions (linking) and finally get through the testing.

If you think that you've done everything the following FAQ might help you in compiling, installing and running isdnserver.

When I start the compilation of isdnserver, it hangs.

Actually it doesn't hang, it's just that it takes ages to compile, depending on your cpu's speed and memory amount. When compiled through the: configure, make, make install process the installation uses up to 240 megabytes of memory! Don't ask me why, I'm clueless about that too. As an alternative try the manual installation procedure

I get weird error messages when compiling.

Make sure that you're using GCC3.2 or higher, if that doesn't helps, see the reply to the above question.

When I start isdnserver, everything seems to work, at least it doesn't prints any error messages, but I don't see any output (trace messages when phone calls are ongoing) after the welcome message is printed.

Type the following command into the console: hisaxctrl HiSax 1 4

Start isdnserver in verbose mode, isdnserver --verbose, and check if it outputs.

If the next time you reboot, there's again no output then the isdnserverdaemon script (/etc/rc.d/init.d/isdnserverdaemon) may have a wrong path to hisaxctrl (a program included with isdn4k-utils on Mandrake), please edit isdnserverdaemon and change the path to the correct one.

When I try to connect to isdnserver with telnet localhost 4950 the host refuses the connection.

You may have changed isdnserver's port number in the configuration file or isdnserver was started in "local mode". Use isdnserver --netmode. If you want to start isdnserver in netmode at boot time, please uncomment (delete the # character) in the isdnserverdaemon script (/etc/rc.d/init.d/isdnserverdaemon) the # -n portions of the script

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